10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia

Top Bloggers in Malaysia

Blogging become occupation for many people now and it frequently turns out to be helpful in making money. There is a bloggers just more sharing their expertise, knowledge, experiences and life.

It’s not difficult to argue that blogging has done more to spread knowledge and ideas. Normally the best blogs are given rankings by Technorati based on the number of incoming links, page rank and Alexa rank. Before we start, vote me for review lynk.my 2015 contest.

Actually, very hard to list down 10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia. This is because I have huge favorite blog in my mind.

The Best Blogger In Malaysia

Most readers want information in an easy way, they’d be will look at your blog from accessibility refers to the inclusive practice of making blog usable by people.

When your blog are correctly designed it will make readers easy to read and keep following your blog. They can get more information from your posts without having to look far.

More important things the topic you creating able to attract the readers, interesting, smart, the language used also understandable and clear.

There are many “blogger terbaik” in Malaysia, depending what you are looking for.

To Be The Best Blogger

There a many types of blog posts, and every blogger has their own approach.

Features a best blogger more from their creativity, originality and always give feedback with starting a conversation and the way they tackle the readers.

I always see the best bloggers make SEO in each entry without made aware by the reader. Indirectly, SEO is one of the important factors to increase an article and blog.

To me… that is the smart way.

Every blogger should know basic of SEO. As you can see, traffic building and SEO go hand in hand. SEO not just increases your page rank.

Google has programmed their crawlers to essentially think like a human when browsing sites. Such like proper formatting and H2 headers and linking keywords to sites where readers can read up more on the topic related.

When doing on-page optimization at the same times we also need to focus on the human aspect instead of strictly for crawlers.

Top Bloggers in Malaysia

10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia

Below I listed the 10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia which has generated a very high motivation and inspiration to among all bloggers community. Let we discover who is the person behind the curtain. Maybe half of them you already know.

1. AzuanRazi.com

He is one of 10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia I ever know. He was my friend and the important person who introduced me about blogging and also the person who taught me how to creating content, ins and outs of SEO, building links, recognize the value of having the sites highly ranked, visible in search engine results, how to write a good blog and many more.

One of master in SEO. His blog writing style very neat and well-organized and very knowledgeable.

2. InspiredMagz.com

He is underground and webmaster which are also expert in SEO, blogging tips, and build website or blog. I often refer from his blog Multees.com about SEO and admire his writing.

The blogger who really have skill in blogging. Inspired Magz is one of his web gallery that showcase daily inspiration, technology, creative idea and concept design news. I suggest you all should visit his blog and make it as examples. You will not regret with what he share in his blog.

3. EarnCent.com

His blog one of my favorite. Master in making money with blog and story-teller. Quite fun reading his article, huge traffic and good writer too. From his writing, I can say he is the straight forward person and full sense of humor.

4. MohdIsa.com

He’s also a great blogger. I listed him as 10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia because one of the blog I always visit and enjoy reading his article, full of information. Personal blog sharing tips and tutorials SEO, blogging, computers and internet.

5. YanmieOnline.com

I rarely see the best female bloggers in Malaysia. Popular female bloggers were many, but not all attract me especially in their writing. As we know the best bloggers mostly conquered by male. Yanmie look like very simple person, the ways her writing and sharing more general, open, interesting article and good photographer too.

6. StudioAksara.com

A blogger who shared a lot of things about blogging tips. His writing neat and legible. Always share the best external blog and recently he just publish his own eBooks about blogging tips. The writer “37 Tips Teknik Luar Biasa Hapuskan Masalah Kekeringan Idea“…

7. DenaiHati.com

Famous blogger with tagline Hidupkan Untuk Memberi. Most bloggers know him and one of famous blogger in Malaysia. His blog sharing a lots of thing about business, information, blogging, life, travel and Islam. Denaihati has achieved the best ranking with amazing traffic and achieve a higher level not only listed as the best “Blogger Malaysia” but also well-known in the Asia region.

8. Eizil.com

This belong to one of Malaysia web master En.Hadihaizil Mohd Din; where he shares blogging tips, life journey, experience and expertise. Entrepreneur and web programmer. His blog should be a daily read for any bloggers who’s looking for a way out of the clutter. Never fails to inspire people.

9. SweetKurma.com

Another female blogger in Malaysia. Her blog quite famous among the bloggers, recently I have chance to know more about her blog when joining SEO contest iPhone 5 Gadget Impian. She one of the sponsor. Her blog very clean, nice theme, simple and full of life story. She is an entrepreneur cum blogger.

10. Amanz.my

I just knew this blogger. Really smart blog and full of good article. It contains a lot of useful information mostly regarding technology and the internet. His one of the popular and top blogger in Malaysia that conquer Technology niche. What I see many bloggers referring his blog one of the best. I think Amanz.my have extensive experience.

My thought…

It’s really important to have a lists of blogs that can motivate you to constantly improve and sparks your creativity. The 10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia listed above contribute a lots and inspiring me in this blogging field.

My selection of top bloggers in Malaysia is base on their excellent combination of content, dedication to their blog topic, and masterful use of WordPress, Blogspot, Tumblr, and other blogging platform.

We can see the information not only by searching the tips on internet, at the same time when we enter an individual blog from there we also can learn practically how the best bloggers run their site. 😉

Everyone can be the best. It is not possible to be the best among the best…

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