Did We Choose The Right Life Insurance Policy

Life Insurance Policy

Life Insurance, did we choose the right policy. Many people realize that life insurance is an important way to protect their families. To have a very good life insurance is to guarantee the future if something untoward happened to us or our family.

Fortuitously stumbled upon an article about one of a famous crime analysts in Malaysia. He often invited as a guests in a variety of television shows.

Now he suffering from a disease in his head called AVM and requires quite high cost of surgery. He have to postpone the operation because his insurance company didn’t cover for the cost as mention his insurance is not a panel of Beacon Hospital. To make matter more upsetting, his insurance does not cover illness at all.

To cover the cost of his surgery, he offer the service to conducting talks to pool additional fund for his surgery. Without asking sympathy from society.

I actually his big fans, I also often follow a talk show on crime prevention if he is invited.

life insurance policy

Choose the right policy insurance…

The Problems

What make me also interested with his case is about the medical insurance he took. This is what always happen with insurance companies in Malaysia. Before we buy an insurance policy, all sorts of promises already sown by the agent. When we want to claim there must be a problem especially big claim. I always hear things like this happen.

There is several important things we need to know and understand, don’t just simply purchase. It happen to me where I have experience of being cheated by an agent from insurance company, before I change to my current insurance. The policy I bought over than ten years, just gone like that.

The insurance company shall have an agent who really qualified and background check before they are hired. Because insurance is a policy purchased by the public to protect themselves and their family in the event of an unexpected future.

I did not say the insurance company is a scam, but the agent of insurance where we believe as human being need to do their job and trustworthy. Always give a detailed explanation of insurance taken by the individual because not all who purchase this insurance understand what is contained in an insurance policy they hire.

What You Should Know Before Buying Life Insurance

  • As a buyer we also should know detail about the policy we purchased.
  • Make sure you choose the right insurance company.
  • First and foremost you need to read and understand your policy insurance.
  • Always answer the questions on your policy application truthfully.
  • Keep your policy safely by store the policy with other your important document.
  • Review and update your policy time to time.

When you want to do any claim, I advise always check whether the policy is still valid or expired. This important because what I know if your policy insurance expired or the payment you make monthly miss or delay, it will effect the claim you want to make.

Always be careful, understand and check the insurance policy you purchase. Always picking the best coverage for you and your family, so we are not feel deceived and the policy that we pay not avail.

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  • Been following Kamal for quite some time.. especially with his talks and such… good pointers there, but it always comes to the individual themselves.

    It does not hurt to study a bit of background and find useful info when opting for an insurance policy. But thinking back again, how certain agents deliberately do not explain thoroughly on certain policies coverage, just to make a quick buck. It’s just a disgrace to the system.

    You’re darn right about filling all the necessary questionnaires and updating your policy, as uncompleted forms will really get you in trouble, especially when you needed the most. Simple procedures but still, people misjudge the consequences. Thanks for the info.

    • Tqvm…Agreed with you, hw often we read our policy..I think nil 🙂 coz some cases or disease insurance not cover but the agent normally will said opposite…so we need to play safe 🙂

      I see a lots of people ability to buy the insurance but then in the middle stopped paying..for sure we can’t get back the money we pay before. Insurance companies will not think about whether you can afford it or not, they just want to sell the policy only..as we know big commision there 🙂 it kind monthly commitment.

      In Malaysia not like others country, whereby insurance is must, their government really straight on medical issue..Free medical treatment for resident so everybody equal. compared with our country, the insurance only for those who can afford only 🙂

  • Well i guess the most important thing to remember before you purchase any insurance policy is….you buy the policy from the insurance company . The agent is always an agent. Nothing more nothing less. Agents always come and go. But before they go at least we know that they already render the service at their best.
    The insurance company solely responsible to their policy issuance.
    Thus , make sure the policy are tailored made to cover you and your family necessities not to cover insurance company sales nor to cover agent comission only.

    • Agreed with you sis 🙂 the conclusion always have initiative to check personally direct to insurance company, not only depend on agents.

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